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BOOK TAG #1: The book burger tag (in English)

Hello my dear readers! Today, I´m going to leave my first book tag: The book burger tag. I think I´ve written many book reviews, so let´s try something different! There are many tags I want to do, but I thought this was specially interesting.
I hope you enjoy it  the same as I did writing it!

1-.You start out with the botton bun, what book is your favourite start to a series?

When I was twelve, I started reading The Hunger Games trilogy. In my opinion, I´ve found the first book  pretty amazing. I loved the place and the time where the history is set. I also liked the main character, who´s  brave and kind. There were also some breathtaking scenes that made me broke into tears!
I don´t really enjoy fantasy books, but I must admit I loved this utopical trilogy.

2-. Now you add it a burger patty. What big book you love?
Well, that´s an easy one! I don´t have to think a lot then!
There was a time I liked to read about The Second World War. I´ve read many novels about this topic and one of them was The Book Thief, my favourite book.
Although it had nearly 600 pages, I only needed two days to finish it. Liesel and Rudy were my favourite characters. Liesel was brave and intelligent. And Rudy... Well, Rudy was such a sweet and hard-working boy who was always trying to conquist Liesel´s heart. Their love story was amazing, but I didn´t like the ending. I´m not a whiner, but I think Rudy´s death was  such a disheartening ending.
Does everybody agree with that?

3-. You need cheese and lettuce.  What´s one small book you read and one small book you need to read?
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece has been written by Annabel Pitcher, a famous English author.
I´ve also read Ketchup Clouds, a creepy novel about a childish killer, but I think the first novel is more enjoyable because of its principles: it shows us that our society is full of prejudice and we have to stop judging people because of their  hobbies, interests religion or even race,
The book I need to read is Pulsaciones by Javier Ruescas. Yes, it has no English translation yet. If there was one, it would be Heartbits. (Or something like that!!) Its plot is noteworthy. It´s a special love story: a teenager has been into a coma and when she wakes up, she joins in a social media where she´ll make lots of friends. The whole story is written with Whatsapp messages!

4-. You add a tomato. What´s one average size you either loved or hated?
Two years ago, I saw on TV a film called My Sister´s Keeper. In spite of its awful ending, I thought it was an emotional and beautiful movie. So, when I found out the movie was based on a book, I started reading it. But I didn´t like it. It was too "heavy" for me!  I didn´t expect the ending either. The healthy girl became brain dead and the sick one recovers from cancer because she recieves organs from her late sister. Come on! What kind of ending is that?
Despite that, that was a different and shocking ending. In that kind of movies, the sick person almost always dies. I prefer no deaths, don´t you?

5-.Now you add your sauce. What is the book you thought you would love but hated, or vice versa?
I thought Not After Everything would be a normal love story. Well, if you have read it, you would know it´s a love story. Althought the female character is amazing, I didn´t get on well with Tyler. I know he hadn´t came to terms with the loss of her mother, who commited suicide while he was training. But I think he´s a little crazy. He always sees blood and bruises. It seems he prefers to die too and to join his mother in heaven. Well, I don´t blame him for it, because his father hits him, insults him and that kind of stuff. Despite that, I think that in the beginning  he was not brave enough. He must fight for himself and for reach a better life. Fortunately, he did it. I must thank his friend and the writer too for the ending. He abandoned his father and started living with foster parents. It was a nice ending (it also deserve it) ,but the novel was too long and the ending too simple and predictable. Well, I guess the boy was frightened and he didn´t know how to stand out and defend himself. On the other hand, it´s amazing to have such good friends to help you whenever you want. And that´s what I most like in the novel.

6-.Lastly, you add your top bun. What book that ends a series are you dreading to read?
I don´t know if in the UK or in America you have heard about The Cementery of Forgotten Books series. This series has been written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón who´s a recognized Spanish writer. He has written for teenagers, but he also has written this stunning series for adults. Yeah, Zafón is one of my favourite writters, but I´m a little scared because I don´t know if I would like the last book of this series. I loved The Shadow of the Wind, but I didn´t like too much The Angel´s Game. Despite that,
I´ve read recently The Heaven´s Prisioner and it made me feel pretty interested in reading the last book: The Labyrinth of Spirits, which was published in Spain in 2016.
I´ll tell you if I´d liked it then!

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